Now Accepting Metal Band Submissions

ReverbNation Heavy Metal Gold BlogWelcome! We created Heavy Metal Gold Blog in direct support of metal music. We did this because, metal artists didn't seem to embrace our Indie Music Bus concept as well as many others did. We admit, a little blue bus doesn't seem very metal does it?

News: We are actively accepting submissions from our site and ReverbNation!

All bands have the chances for: (everything will be first published here and then again later on Indie Music Bus™)

  • An email based interview
  • Music review
  • Lifelong band profile here
  • Music shares via Indie Music Bus™ Engine


If you're on ReverbNation, submit via this link until Oct 13th, 2019! Otherwise you can apply if you're Heavy Metal Gold here on the site! Best of luck to you and we truly hope you're Heavy Metal Gold!



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