Heavy Metal Gold Trans Full

Our Vision

Is to find and support great independent metal bands from all over the world. Our main goal though is to help build a fan base around Heavy Metal Gold so we have something more than the norm to offer the bands we support!

Our Story

You may know us from Indie Music Bus™ Heavy Metal Gold came into being because metal bands were not embracing our blue bus. Hopefully this will be more appealing!

Meet the Team

This is our small team that we hope to grow in the future! We are a husband and wife team who are super fans of independent music!

Walter Hargrave

Walter Hargrave

Founder, Blogger. Site Admin, Programmer

Walter has been part of independent music for 20+ years. He enjoys computer programming, action movies, outdoor fun and beer!

Darlene Hargrave

Darlene Hargrave

Blogger, A&R

Loves to read, listen to music, and spend as much time outdoors as possible. I hated going to public school and spent a long time pursuing my education. My favorite subjects are English and world history, plus space science and technology in all of its myriad aspects. I am a mature adult who grew up without internet, but took an interest in computing at an early age. I first raised my family, and then settled on an A.S. degree in legal arts. I feel complete and happy.

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